About project

Through our project we aim to create two intellectual outputs which will serve as support for adult educators and adult educational centres in their daily work. We consider that the intellectual outputs are complementary, the first one (an online course for adult educators) represents the theoretical part and the second one (handbook of activities) represents the practical part, which adult educators can directly implement with their learners. The activities of the Handbook will be created on the basics of neuropedagogy and each activity will be designed in order to help adult learners to develop and improve their soft skills needed to (re)integrate in the current fast changing labour market. Therefore, the Handbook will not only serve as support for adult educators to improve their teaching process, but will also benefit the adult learners from several perspectives: better understanding of the topics and development of soft skills. 

  • Provide

    Educational strategies based on neuropedagogy in order to support adult educators in their work with learners coping with ADHD

  • Equip

    Adult educators with the needed knowledge, competences and tools to make use of the benefits of neuropedagogy

  • Create

    Sustainable educational resources, adapted to the real needs of adult educators and adult learners

  • Encourage

    Inclusion and personalised learning into adult educational centres