Multiplier Events

In recent months, the “Brain Friendly Forms of Education for ADHD Learners” project successfully conducted a series of multiplier events across Poland, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, and Bulgaria. These events played a crucial role in disseminating the project’s innovative educational methods to adult educators working with ADHD learners.

Each event featured presentations on the project and its partners, an introduction to the tailored Moodle course and brain-friendly activities, and practical exercises. Participants also explored the project’s digital resources, including webinars, the project website, and the Facebook page. A keynote webinar focused on lifelong learning, labor market preparation, and the evolving educational landscape for ADHD learners.

Interactive sessions, including open discussions and Q&A segments, allowed educators to delve deeper into the project’s findings and share their own experiences and insights. Coffee breaks provided opportunities for networking and informal exchanges of ideas.

The multiplier events were met with enthusiastic participation and positive feedback, underscoring their success in equipping educators with practical strategies to support ADHD learners. The project’s impact is expected to extend beyond these events, fostering ongoing collaboration and innovation in adult education across Europe.

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